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Fall and Summer Team Tryouts

2017 Fall Teams & 2018 Summer Teams

2017 Fall Teams:

2019 Grads
2020 Grads
2021 Grads

2018 Summer Teams:
8U Black Sox
9U Black Sox
10U Black Sox
11U Black Sox
12U Black Sox
13U Black Sox
14U Black Sox
15U Bo Jackson Elite
15U Black Sox
16U Bo Jackson Elite
16U Black Sox
17U Bo Jackson Elite
17U Black Sox
18U Black Sox

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports will be conducting tryouts for our 2017 Cangelosi Fall Teams, 2018 Black Sox Teams, and our 2018 Bo Jackson Elite Teams on the dates listed below.  Our tryouts will include an evaluation day and a scrimmage day.  Scrimmage days may become invite only dependent upon tryout participants.  When registering for the tryouts, please select whether you are trying out for fall (2019-2021 Grads only), summer (8u-High School), or both.  Keep in mind that you do not have to be a member of our summer teams to be a member of our Fall Teams.

Tryout Dates:

8U Evals July 17th 5-6:30pm (Bo Dome)
8U Scrimmages July 19th 5pm-6:30pm (Bo Dome)

9U Evals July 17th 6:30pm-8pm (Bo Dome)
9U Scrimmages July 19th 6:30pm-8pm (Bo Dome)

10U Evals July 17th 8pm-9:30pm (Bo Dome)
10U Scrimmages July 19th 8pm-9:30pm (Bo Dome)

11U Evals July 18th 5pm-6:30pm (Bo Dome)
11U Scrimmages July 20th 5pm-6:30pm (Municipal Park-Hilliard)

12U Evals July 18th 6:30pm-8pm (Bo Dome)
12U Scrimmages July 20th 6:30pm-8pm (Municipal Park-Hilliard)

13U Evals July 18th 8pm-9:30pm (Bo Dome)
13U Scrimmages July 20th 8pm-9:30pm (Municipal Park-Hilliard)

14U Evals July 24th 5pm-7pm (Bo Dome)
14U Scrimmages July 26th 5pm-7pm (TBA)

15U Evals July 24th 7pm-9pm (Bo Dome)
15U Scrimmages July 26th 7pm-9pm (TBA)

16U Evals July 25th 5pm-7pm (Bo Dome)
16U Scrimmages July 27th 5pm-7pm (TBA)

17U/18U Evals July 25th 7pm-9pm (Bo Dome)
17U/18U Scrimmages July 27th 7pm-9pm (TBA)

Must register to participate.  Scrimmage games are invited players only.

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Alternate Makeup Date

July 31st-All Ages

8-10 5pm
11-13 6pm
14 and up 7pm

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Download information sheets for each of our teams at the following links:

8-9U Black Sox
10-12U Black Sox
13-14U Black Sox
HS Black Sox
HS Bo Jackson Elite