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Social Entrepreneur Dev Pathik To Speak At TEDxHilliard

CLEARWATER, Fla., July 27, 2017 : What is the most important skill you will ever develop? To child abuse survivor, social entrepreneur, adventurer, father and internationally known business advisor, Dev Pathik the answer is clear: self-coaching. The art of guiding yourself through challenge, adversity, fear, and temptation to live an extraordinary and fulfilling life. It’s this topic for which Pathik has been invited to join community leaders, arts innovators, and social-justice seekers as a speaker at the independently organized TEDx event in Hilliard, OH. For those that can’t attend in […]

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Producing Extraordinary Teams Through Intentional Leadership

By: Dev Pathik, Co-Founder Bo Jackson’s Sports Leadership of America Ask a great coach what it takes to have a championship season and they will tell you that it takes more than talent to achieve greatness.  Coaches and players that play and win at the highest level of competition develop a unique kind of mental-toughness and confidence in one-another drives that extraordinary results. In a winning season, this confidence can be seen in the camaraderie, energy, and unity among players and staff.  When the relationships and bonds among players and […]

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