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Training The Single Leg

TRAINING THE SINGLE LEG The traditional thought in athletic performance has been to perform bilateral lower body movements, which just means training both legs at the same time. Examples include traditional squats and deadlifts. While we continue to do this for a large percentage of our training time, there are many sport-specific movements that use a single leg. For instance, when we sprint, jump, cut, and shuffle, we are typically spending time on a single leg to perform these movements. That being said, our training should reflect this. The ability […]

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Peak Performance Pillars

Peak Performance Pillars We all know about how important Performance training is! What you may not know is performance training and rehabilitation are just the ground work for reaching your peak performance. We have developed five pillars that, by implementing them into your life, will help you to reach your peak performance goals. The five pillars are Nutrition, Hydration, Sleep, Recovery, and Mental Edge. All of these pillars play a key role in you achieving your goals. It all starts with a good foundation. That good foundation is Sports Performance […]

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