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Awareness & Protection Programs

About The Instructor

As the son of a career military man I was able to study several different martial arts and traditional combative sports such as boxing, Mauy Thai boxing, karate and kick boxing while stationed in foreign countries. Currently as a black belt in the traditional Korean style of Taekwondo I wanted to bring together my martial arts experience as well as the training I have received in the criminal justice programs I have attended to create a program that enables participants to gain valuable skill sets to protect themselves should the situation arise.

My entire family of 6 has been trained. It is my passion and goal to help others not become a victim and have the ability to protect themselves if there is no peaceable way out of a situation, but have fun, reach goals and grow in skills while training.”

For additional information or to register please contact:

Mark Calahan

(614)363-8349 Cell

These training programs will cover age appropriate personal protection and awareness for ages 7-18. Designed to help the student be more vigilant and PREPARED for potential harmful situations they may encounter in middle school, high school or college and how to appropriately protect themselves from those situations.


TAP will cover ages 13-15 and 16-18. The students will receive awareness and personal protection training for situations they could encounter in high school and college.


KAP will offer training for ages 7-9 and 10-12. These classes are designed for younger students and will cover topics such as bullying and cyber bullying. Each student will receive personal protection training to help them appropriately protect themselves.


• 4 Week Course
• 4 One Hour Classes
• Cost Per Course Is $80.00 Per Student


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