Taran Alvelo Pitching Camp

  • Ages 8-18
  • Summer

Taran Alvelo Pitching Camp


This program is designed for pitchers looking to get an edge on their competition. This program won’t just get you ready physically, it will also breakdown the mental side of pitching.

*Pitchers must bring their own catchers


Taran Alvelo

  • 2x All-American at the University of Washington
  • Gold and Bronze Medalist with the Puerto Rican National Softball Team
  • Current Professional Softball player for WPF
  • Bloom-Carrol High School Alum and State Champion


Date: August 20

Time: One hour time slots beginning @ 8am (choose a time slot)

Limit: 10 players per hour

Ages: 9-18 years old

Price: $50 per pitcher

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