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#WinTheDay - Small Group Training

#WinTheDay is our small group position training for Bo Jackson Football.  Win The Day brings together several of the top coaches in the area to provide world-class training for our athletes.  Win The Day is a mindset.  It’s an attitude.  It’s a burning desire to be the best.  #WinTheDay is for high school football players who want to develop their skills and get bigger, stronger and faster.

Four small groups are offered:

  • QB
  • WR/RB
  • DB/LB
  • OL/DL 

Program Format: (5) 4-week Sessions, twice a week

Ages: 9th grade-12th Grade

Dates: Wednesdays 9pm-10pm and Saturdays 7am-8am

Price: $200 for first session in and $160 for any subsequent

Session 1:
January 3rd-January 27th

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Session 2:
January 31st-February 24th

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Session 3:
February 28th-March 24th

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Session 4:
March 28th-April 21st

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Session 5:
April 25th-May 19th

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