LPT College/High School Throwing Program

  • Ages 14-18
  • Summer


“After visiting with Coach LaCorte I noticed a huge difference in arm strength and was able to gain 3-4 MPH on my fastball. Coach LaCorte was able to show me specifics that made me utilize my whole body and get the most out of every pitch whether it was a drill or pre pitch thoughts. He not only helped with my physical ability, but my mental side of the game. We always talked about pre pitch thoughts and what a hitter would be looking for so that we can keep him off balance. which helped me be successful in college this year when facing some of the best hitters in the nation. Without his help none of this would have been possible.”

“Anyone who is serious about increasing their arm strength and velocity should really consider LPT. Coach LaCorte’s extensive knowledge of pitching and arm care has helped me tremendously even through just one offseason. It truly was an experience I would recommend to players of all ages aspiring to take their game to that next level.”

“My mechanics and arm strength felt the best when I was following Coach LaCorte’s program. Coach LaCorte helped me with my specific needs and helped take my game to the next level!”

“Going to Coach LaCorte was a great decision to help improve my pitching ability. One of the best things that I can say about him is he is more concerned with how you take care of your arm and body more than anything. He cares about when you throw and tries to work a schedule with you around that. Coach LaCorte makes workout based on each individual to make them the best they can be.”

Want to take your summer training to the next level? This comprehensive training program is focused on helping each athlete move more efficiently, create better movement patterns, throw harder and perform at a higher level than ever before. Athletes will accomplish this by completing a thorough evaluation of their movement patterns through movement screening and video analysis of their pitching mechanics with assistance from our Ohio State Sports Performance staff. From there each athlete will follow an all-inclusive eight week individualized throwing program with weighted balls, medicine ball drills, and arm care recovery protocols tailored to their goals and results from their assessment based on their age group and physical maturity. With each session, athletes will be taken through a complete dynamic warm-up and full-body mobility routine to prepare their bodies to move explosively and athletically with all throwing sessions concluding with arm care and sport-specific performance training. Each player will complete this research-based throwing program by using individualized drills derived from their assessment to improve the athlete’s overall mechanical efficiency, arm strength, athleticism and throwing capability. Research has shown to prove that weighted balls are effective in gaining velocity and creating efficient movements, and there’s no better environment to train in then with our two pitching instructors who have seen great success with pitchers who have completed these weighted ball programs. From high intensity bullpens to max velocity pulldowns to pitch design, this program will put you on your path to becoming the best overall pitcher you can be.


  •  Lead by Conor Crotty (BJES Pitching Coordinator) and John LaCorte

Date & Time:

  •  June 7th & June 9th (Assessment Days)
  • Mondays and Wednesdays, 5:30pm-7:30pm
  • Week 1 of Program starts June 14th and 16th, concludes August 2nd and 4th

Cost: $600

Equipment Needed:

Players will need to purchase a set of TAP plyometric balls and one TAP connection ball prior to week 1 of programming.

– TAP plyometric balls: https://www.oatesspecialties.com/weighted-ball-max-grip-set-of-six

– TAP connection ball: https://www.oatesspecialties.com/connection-ball-12

**Players can use the code LPT5 through the above links to receive a discount

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