Men's Winter Hitting League

  • Ages 18-18
  • Winter

Ages: 19 & Up

4-5 man teams

  • 4 defenders required
  • 1 flex (DH) option

7-inning games

8 games, 1 game per week

Head-to-head matchups

Teammates pitch to each other

One round of BP allowed per team prior to start of each game


  • 7 inning games
  • Each player receives one at-bat per inning
  • 5 swings per at bat
  • Wood bat only
  • Full swings only (No bunting!!!)


0 points

  • Defender stops the ball from reaching the blue wall

1 point

  • Ball hits L-Screen
  • Ball hits white wall ABOVE light fixtures

2 points

  • Ball hits the blue wall in fair territory

3 points

  • Ball hits white wall between blue and top of light fixtures

Top 4 hitters’ scores will be added to overall score each week.

Cost: $100 per player

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