Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Columbus, Ohio

Gauntlet Assault Challenge

The Challenge: Get as many people to the top, as quickly as possible.  Once you and your team begin the climb you are on, there will be no second chances. The total score for the team will be the combined start-to-finish times for every athlete by element. Four teams will be competing at the same time and then rotate to the next element.

You will receive 15 minutes of safety training and must comply with all safety rules for your score to count. Every safety violation will cost a minimum of 10 points added to the final score.  Instructors will tell you what safety violations will result in a total team score of zero.

Your final score will be tallied and compared to other teams throughout the rotations.  The calculation for this will include one point for an attempt to climb, 3 points for reaching the first floor of The Gauntlet and 5 points for reaching the top of the element you are climbing. After 10-20 minutes (depending on the size of the teams), each team will rotate to a new element.  The tallies will also be head-to-head.

Each team will compete on all 4 elements:

  • Cargo net and 1 side of face-to-face
  • Chimney climb and 1 side of face-to-face
  • Olympic style rock climbing wall
  • Obstacle course

Note: The “Leap of Faith” is not included in The Gauntlet Assault Challenge. Corporate Team Building Events only.

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