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Practice turns theory into technique, technique into habit, and habit into reaction. Practicing the wrong way is worse than not practicing at all. Practicing the wrong way inhibits the body’s natural reactions. At Cangelosi Baseball, we shape young athletes correctly through this proven approach.


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*Cancelation policy below

LevelConcentrationPrice Per Lesson
House Plus Instructors
Price Per Lesson
Brandon SzinkHitting and Infield$65
Zarley ZalewskiHitting and Infield & Outfield$65
Eric StametsHitting and Infield$65
Conor CrottyPitching Right-Handed$65
Mitchell BaultPitching Right-Handed$65
Joey RomencePitching Right-Handed$65
House Instructors
Price Per Lesson
Clay StrausbaughCatching and Hitting$55
Connor PaulyHitting, Pitching (L), & Outfield$55
Matt WarkentinHitting and infield$55
Evan HallPitching Right-Handed$55
Stephan HernonCatching and Hitting$55
Justin McConnellHitting and Infield$55
Roger DanisonHitting & Outfield$55
Cole AndrewsCatching & Hitting$55
Marcus ErnstHitting & Infield$55
Jordan PeckPitching Right-Handed$55
Zach DezenzoHitting and Infield$55
Izaiah WithrowHitting, Outfield & First base$55
Cole HarrisHitting and Outfield$55
Taylor HutchisonHitting and Infield$55
DJ NeffHitting and Infield$55
Chandler DayPitching Right-Handed$55
Jared SolomonPitching Right-Handed$55
Mikhail JonesHitting & Catching$55

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Private Lesson Pricing and Packages

Lessons are 1/2 hour and can be purchased on an individual basis or as a package.  All packages must be paid up front in order to take advantage of the discount pricing. Softball instruction is also available.

House Instructors

Individual Lesson – $55

Lessons Breakdown Total

5 pack

$49/lesson $245
10 pack $46/lesson


20 pack $42/lesson


*10% off for members

House Plus Instructors

Individual Lesson – $65

Lessons Breakdown Total

5 pack

$58/lesson $290
10 pack $55/lesson


20 pack $51/lesson


*10% off for members

Pro Instructors

Individual Lesson – $75

Lessons Breakdown Total

5 pack

$69/lesson $345
10 pack $65/lesson


20 pack $61/lesson


*10% off for members

Baseball/Softball Lesson Cancellation Policy

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports has implemented a new policy with regard to the cancellation of personal and group lessons.  This policy, effective November 15, 2011, will apply to both our customers and to baseball and softball staff.

This new policy will be a structured way for baseball instructors, softball instructors and our customers to control the cancellation of lessons while still allowing for unexpected events and sickness.  Please read the below information about the changes in our company’s cancellation policy.

24 Hour Notice

The policy states that any scheduled lesson may be cancelled without penalty if done so at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled time by the client or the instructor.

Less Than 24 Hour Notice

Clients will be allowed two (2) short-notice cancellations without penalty within a one year period.  After that you will be automatically charged for the lesson.  If BJES makes a scheduling error or calls to cancel a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled time and is unable to provide an appropriate instructor, that will count against BJES. BJES instructors are also allowed two (2) scheduling errors/last minute cancellations within a one year period.  Any cancellations/scheduling errors after this will result in a lesson credit to your account.

No-Show Policy

Any lesson that you do not show up for without calling prior to the lesson time will automatically be charged as a lesson.

E-mail Address

In an effort to keep you informed of scheduled lessons we send out lesson reminders via e-mail.  It is very important that we have your email address on file.  Please call the front desk at 614-528-4555 with your e-mail address so we can keep you informed of your lesson schedule and other events throughout Cangelosi Baseball.

Non-BJES instructors

Non-BJES instructors are not permitted to do lessons at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports. Any non-BJES instructors suspected of doing lessons at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports will be asked to leave to the facility immediately. This policy will be monitored at the discretion of Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Staff.

Scheduling Policy

All lessons must be scheduled through BJES Front Desk Staff/EZ Facility Software (Online Self service portal). No exceptions.



Reschedule/Cancel a lesson

To cancel/reschedule a lesson, please contact our front desk (614-528-4555 or