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Everyone is looking to have an edge on the competition when sports return! The competitive edge that you are looking for will come from a well-developed Sports Performance program. You do not have to have access to high tech equipment to train for your sport; using your body weight and items around your house will help to keep you primed for the season to start. You have the motivation, the ability, and a couple items around the house that will add a little resistance to your training. What is the next piece in the equation….a well-developed Sports Performance program, but you may find you do not have a background in program development for athletes. We do, and we have created the program for you. As you are reading this blog our Phase 3 program is being released. There is a free Sports Performance program created for you, you can download Phase 3 and the prior phases through TriadXP. The best part of this whole deal is that the Sports Performance program is totally FREE to you.

Phases 1-3 have been developed to improve performance, train with minimal equipment, and help decrease the risk of injury.
Phase 3 will help you to develop your speed/change of direction/ and conditioning. The program will also develop strength in your upper and lower body. One of the key components is to consistently perform the workouts. You will be able to tell which athletes have been using TriadXP consistently when we return to our sports.
During Phase 3, you have the opportunity to compete in a CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE. You will compete as part of your school or organization to see who can complete the greatest percentage of the nine workouts. This will allow you to continue to compete with other schools.

Also don’t forget to get Phase 1 & Phase 2 of the Spring Strength and Condition Program on These workouts are FREE to central Ohio High School students. The program is designed by the athletic performance trainers from the OSU Wexner Medical Center and Bo Jackson Elite Sports. You can register and get the workouts here:

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