Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Announces Partnership with Grandads Pizza

April 19, 2019 | BJES

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Announces Partnership with Grandads Pizza

(Hiliard, OH) March 1, 2019: A new partnership between Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports and Grandads Pizza was signed recently, setting the stage for a growing list of companies who have an interest in becoming Official Partners of Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports, which opened in January, 2017. Bo Jackson, ESPN’s Greatest Athlete of All Time and champion for kids’ participation in sports is more than just another star-athlete with a “name on the door.” Jackson is actively involved in every aspect of the business, something top brands and companies’ value.


The partnership, goes beyond the typical official sponsorship and includes connection to Grandads Pizza and education for the athletes, coaches and families that visit the “Bo Dome.” “Grandads, a local brand, bring another fun family atmosphere for after games, tournaments and team building events” says Aaron Conrad, Director of Operations. “We are excited for our customers to have an official partner for Birthday Party pizza, team building and post-game gatherings.”


Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports approach, is focused on all aspects of player development, providing premier services like on-site sports performance training and nutritional coaching.




Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports (BJES) is an air-supported structure which offers 114,000 square feet of unique training space for athletes, with clear spans and 75′ high ceilings.


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