December Available Rental Dates

Below are the dates/times that are currently available for rental. If you wish to get one of these times booked, please contact Neal Packanik (

1. Baseball 9-10pm MP Field 9-10pm2. Baseball 4-6pm Sport 4-7pm Softball/MP 4-7pm3. Sport 11am-2pm Softball/MP 8am-8pm
4. Sport 8-10am MP Field 1-4pm5. Baseball 8:30-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball 8-10pm6. Sport 8-10pm Softball 8-10pm MP Field 7-10pm7. Baseball 8-10pm Sport 9-10pm 8. Baseball 9-10pm MP 8-10pm9. Sport 5:30-8pm Softball/MP 6-7:30pm10. Softball 8am-12pm Sport 6-8pm
11. Softball/MP 8-10pm MP Field 10am-12pm & 1-2pm Sport 6-7pm & 8-10pm12. Baseball 8:30-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm13. Sport 7-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm14. Baseball 9-10pm Sport 7-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm15. Baseball 9-10pm MP field 8-10pm16. CLOSED17. Baseball 8-11am Sport 8-10am, 12-6pm MP Field 8-11am Softball/MP 11am-8pm
18. Sport 8am-12pm & 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10am & 2-4pm MP 10am-12pm & 1-2pm19. Baseball 8:30-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm20. Baseball 6-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm21. Baseball 8-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm22. Baseball 9-10pm MP Field 8-10pm23. Baseball/Sport/MP/Softball 4-8pm24. CLOSED
25. CLOSED26. Baseball 7-10pm Sport 8-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm27. Baseball 6-10pm Sport 6-10pm Softball/MP 6-10pm28. Baseball 8-10pm Sport 7-10pm Softball/MP 8-10pm29. Baseball 9-10pm Sport 8-9pm MP 6-10pm30. Baseball/Sport/MP/Softball 4-8pm31. CLOSED