Feel Like a Team

Challenging. Engaging. Exciting.

Looking for a new way to engage a corporate meeting group or have them experience something new at annual meetings? Team-building exercises have come a long way since the trust fall. Refresh your meeting with new ways to engage the group in an exciting environment.  We can create multiple challenges of varying difficulty – some will require more brains, and some more brawn. Your team must function efficiently to outdo the competition, and it will take sensible strategy to come out on top.

Outcome Menu

choose the desired outcome for your group event

  • Self-Coaching
  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Culture
  • Leadership
  • Mental Toughness
  • Gratitude
  • Problem Solving
  • Goal Setting
  • Focus
  • Motivation

Features & Details

  • A great day away from the normal work environment
  • Shared experience for your corporate team to create better relationships
  • 2 Hour experience
  • Up to one module from the SLCA Extraordinary Teams – Outcome Menu
  • Use of Turf Field
  • Use of Gauntlet
  • Leap of Faith element not included

Price: Call for Pricing