Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Columbus, Ohio

Competitive Flag League 2021-2022

Program Description

Bo Jackson’s Competitive Flag League features 7-on-7 full field games that incorporate more tackle football concepts like blocking, formations, and competitive strategies. Each player receives a soft shell helmet with their registration, as well as belts and jerseys.

Program Features:

  • Games played the full length of our fields
  • 1st week of league will be an instructional training camp
  • 2 referees
  • Players receive soft helmet, jersey, and flags

Program Format:

  • 7v7
  • 11-12 players per team
  • 40 minute games with a 5 minute half time
  • 1st week is team practice
  • 5 weeks of regular season and 1 week of playoffs
  • Teams may have bye weeks

Ages: 7-9 & 10-12

Dates: October 31st – December 19th

Price: $175 (includes soft helmet)

Winter 1 Competitive Flag

October 31 – December 19

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Winter 2 Competitive Flag


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