About The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet

Sports Leadership Climbing Tower

A 42 foot tall climbing center that blends physical and mental training to give athletes the mental edge they need. Many of the obstacles are designed to be used in a competitive setting with challengers competing against one another. You’ll have to “earn your way to the top” if you plan on conquering The Gauntlet.

Climbing Elements

  • Speed Climb (2 Climbers)
  • “Leap of Faith”
  • Face 2 Face (2 Climbers)
  • Cargo Net (2 Climbers)
  • Chimney Climbs (2 Climbers)
  • Fire Pole
  • 14′ Peg Board (at Top of Chimney Climbs)
  • 10 Auto Belays
  • 4 Timers (2 for Speed Wall/2 additional)

For more information about The Gauntlet, contact us at info@bjescolumbus.com