Battle of the Businesses

In business, every day is game day

At Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports, we believe the right team chemistry can trump talent alone and lead to extraordinary outcomes. The Battle of the Businesses is our newest corporate team competition.  The Battle is open to all companies, teams and youth groups. This one day challenge is designed to support your corporate Health and Wellness initiatives by fostering engagement in team building activities and friendly competition.  This event will feature a wide variety of challenges from “mild” to “olympic.” All olympic events will take place on our one-of-a-kind Gauntlet Climbing Tower. There is literally something for everyone.


The Battle will take place on November 16th from 10:00a-4:00pm. Teams will earn points based on competitions from mild to olympic level. Each rotation the challenges will change but the levels stay the same. There will be something for every skill level. Points will be combined and a grand prize winner will be awarded after the final session.


The event will include up to 16 total teams (businesses). Your team will stay together through 4 rotations (mild, medium, difficult, olympic). Your team will decide which member competes in which events. This allows for each member of your organization to participate, contribute and bond together.

Examples of Planned Events:


Can Jam
Minute to Win It


Obstacle Course
Relay Races
Football Throw


Rowing Challenge
Tire Flip
Weight Strength


Rock Wall
Cargo Net
Face 2 Face
Chimney Climb

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