Are You Ready For Your Athletic “Comeback”?

May 4, 2020 | BJES

Are You Ready For Your Athletic “Comeback”?

Ok, comeback may be a slight overstatement! But look we’ve been sheltered in place for nearly two month. That’s a long time considering studies have revealed some athletes can demonstrate diminished cardio and strength outputs in as little as 3 weeks. With country starting the process of gradually reopening it won’t be long before competitive athletics are back in season. The question is, “Will you be ready?” Like really ready! Is your training schedule from the past several weeks reflective of someone who has aspirations of competing at their sports highest level?
Participating in appropriate strength & conditioning programming is a critical component to an athletes overall performance. The months and weeks leading up to the start of the season are arguably the most crucial. Failure to properly cycle your training will often lead to conditioning-dependent injuries, which can include; Achilles tendon, calf, groin, hamstring, biceps, triceps, pectoral, quadriceps, and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).
The good news is athletes, especially young athletes, can regain their performance loses in a relatively short period of time after resuming a proper training regimen. We recommend establishing some performance baselines to help guide your return to sport programming. For starters, answer these questions;

1. What is my current conditioning?
2. What qualities does my sport require?
3. What are my current capabilities?

We’ve put together a whole series of content to help guide your through the process of assessing your conditioning, establishing strength/power baselines, and building a proper return to sport program. All your goals for this upcoming season are still achievable, don’t let improper or a lack of training stand in your way. Sign up here if you want to stay connected and be among the first to get updates regarding our physical therapy and performance programming.


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