Bo Jackson's Elite Sports | Columbus, Ohio


I learned about BJES by trying to find a place that could train fast twitch muscles through sprinting.  They said they could do much better than a speed school.  They were correct.  They have turned me into an athlete capable of making explosive and powerful moves that transfer from the weight room to the golf course.  By lifting four times a week for four months, I’ve seen my clubhead speed increase six miles per hour, my ten yard time drop by .3, and my pullups increase from 11-19.  I am also reaching par 5s in two.  Additionally, aches and pains went away because I strengthened weak muscles.  I only wish a place like this gym existed when I was in high school.  I am extremely grateful for their guidance, coaching, and wisdom.

-Donn P (Member)

My name is Abu Daramy-Swaray and I graduated from Colgate University and was a 2x All-American Defensive Back. I am also currently a free agent for the NFL. Training at the Bo Jackson Elite facility has been more than just a place I lift, it’s a place where the trainers care more about your health rather than how much weight you can lift. It’s a place where you find comfort while achieving greatness. Over my span of two months, I’ve gotten significantly bigger, stronger, faster, and much more explosive. My experience at the Bo Jackson makes me want to train here always and have others train here. The trainers push me to be better today than I was yesterday!

-Abu Daramy-Swaray (Member)

Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports has help build both my mental and physical strength. Cam and the rest of the training staff always push me and encourage me to do and be my best!! I am thankful for everything they have helped me with this summer!

-Mallory Mauracher (Member)

After discussing my current physical state with Marcus, he developed a comprehensive plan specifically for me. I was able to make the workouts work within my busy schedule and see immediate results. This was not a quick fix. It was a well thought out plan to get me back to my desired fitness, strength and weight goals. I am thankful to Ohio State Wexner Medical Center Sports Medicine for their advice and guidance at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports.

-Aaron Conrad (Member)