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The Core Reason You’re Under Performing       

The Core Reason You’re Under Performing       

Have you maximized your performance potential? If you’re reading this post then you probably answered no. Now, you may be trending that way but deep down you know you’re nowhere near your full potential. Why is it that so many of us fall short of our performance goals? The answer, in short, is our failure to address the core problem! Programming for optimal performance should always include a plan to strengthen the core, because every movement that you perform throughout the day, from washing our hands (please do your part to help fight COVID-19) to competing in sports, involves your core muscles.

Failure to properly address your core will not only guarantee under performance, but it could likely start impacting your ability to complete activities of daily living, or lead to the development of common diagnosis, such as; low back pain, hip instability, elbow tendonitis, shoulder impingement, and even headaches.

Core training should be both specific to the individual and the activity they’re looking to perform. We want to help you to reach your performance goals, so we’ve launched this Core Series campaign to share with you some of our favorite core programming progressions. Every day for the next week we’ll be posting daily content to help guide your core training.

Continuing to ignore the problem will only lead to you further away from your performance goals. A few minutes a day, of proper core training, will help you to develop the core strength needed for optimal performance.  Sign up here if you want to stay connected and be among the first to get updates regarding our physical therapy and performance programming.