May 11, 2020 | BJES


Our normal routine has been greatly impacted. You are no longer going to your school building, work, and team activities have been temporarily halted. It can be difficult to have a routine without the schedule of class bells, but, now more than ever, you will see the importance of setting up a routine that works for you. When creating your routine do not forget to carve out time in your day for Sports Performance. Although we are not training at the school, you can/should still be training. By creating a routine that values time spent on training, you will continue to see the results you were working toward earlier in the year.

Consistency is never easy. The difference between the great athlete and the average athlete is that the great athlete will consistently work on what needs done. When we return to our sports, we will see who put in the work, time after time, and not only when they felt like it.
During Phase 3, you have the opportunity to compete in a CONSISTENCY CHALLENGE. You will compete as part of your school or organization to see who can complete the greatest percentage of the nine workouts. This will allow you to continue to compete with other schools.

Fortunately, there has been a Sports Performance program created for you! The Sports Performance program is built through TriadXP, an app you will download to your phone. The third phase is being released today; phases one and two have already been released. The best part about this Sports Performance program is that it is FREE, all you have to do is download and start training. To see the results you are hoping for, it will take consistent effort.

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