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Oh, My Aching Elbow!

Oh, My Aching Elbow! Chris Kolba PT MHS CSCS Ohio State Sports Med @ BJES Elbow pain can be a painful and debilitating problem. Pain located on the medial side is referred to as “golfers elbow” or medial epicondylitis and pain that is on the lateral side is often referred to as “tennis elbow” or lateral epicondylitis. Now you don’t have to play golf or tennis to develop these problems. Pain in the elbow usually occurs as a result of repetitive use from throwing, typing, hammering, grip/ lifting or swinging […]

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Mic Rogers Joins The BJES Team

(Columbus, Ohio) December 7th, 2016 The Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports facility will soon open The Dome in January. Registration for winter programming is open and field rental blocks are going quickly. BJES Soccer leagues are now forming. Join our leagues as a team or as a free agent. Looking to take your game to the next level? BJES also offers Soccer Training Programs and a Goal Keepers Academy. Click HERE for more information about all that BJES has to offer. Mic Rogers Joins The Team BJES Columbus proudly announces the addition of Mic […]

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