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The Core is Key

The Core is Key Raise your hand if your first “core” workout consisted of laying on your back and doing as many crunches as possible! Don’t feel bad for raising your hand, because crunching our way to 6-pack abs, was how must of us were first introduced to “core” training. Given this, it’s not surprising how uncommon it is to hear the terms “abs” and “core” used interchangeably amongst athletes and fitness enthusiast. Let’s be clear, the abs are NOT the core! Having 6-pack abs is NOT essential to optimal […]

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The Core Reason You’re Under Performing       

The Core Reason You’re Under Performing        Have you maximized your performance potential? If you’re reading this post then you probably answered no. Now, you may be trending that way but deep down you know you’re nowhere near your full potential. Why is it that so many of us fall short of our performance goals? The answer, in short, is our failure to address the core problem! Programming for optimal performance should always include a plan to strengthen the core, because every movement that you perform throughout the day, from washing […]

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Announcing Newest Hire – Justin Brown

(Hilliard, OH) April 15, 2020 Bo Jackson, ESPN’s Greatest Athlete of All Time and champion for kids’ participation in sports, has announced a new hire for Bo Jackson’s Elite Sports Columbus, Ohio location. Mr. Jackson said “this hire exemplifies our commitment to changing outcomes in kids’ lives through sport.” Jackson went on to say “it’s not easy to find true sports professionals and former athletes who know how to train athletes and who can connect with kids, parents, and recruiters in the way that we expect. We have this unique […]

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The Four Pillars of Human Movement

The Four Pillars of Human Movement Chris Kolba PT MHS CSCS OSU Sports Med @ BJES When you think of human movement it can be broken down into 4 basic categories. Locomotion, Level Changes, Push/Pull and Rotation. These represent the 4 pillars of human movement as described by JC Santana in his book Functional Training; Breaking the Bonds of Traditionalism. When designing rehab or fitness programs that are functionally based it is important to make sure all 4 pillars are incorporated. LOCOMOTION: This is the foundation for ground based force […]

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