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Recovery: Hitting the Jackpot After You’ve “Gone All-In”

Let’s face it. Athlete to athlete, we know you go “all in” every time you hit the court, the gym, or the field. We know because we were just like you. We were in your shoes – laying it all on the line every time we stepped over the line. But after you’ve gone all-in, you have to recoup your losses. That’s where recovery comes in. As an athlete, recovery is just as important as training. It enables you to maximize your training. Without it, you can’t possibly get the […]

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What Are You Fueling Yourself With?

Nutrition can seem like an overwhelming word at times, but we are here to help you feel at ease and confident, especially with your post-workout nutrition. We understand that your “normal” workout routine may look a little different than you would like right now, but your post-workout and overall nutrition are as important as ever. Maintaining good habits will not only benefit you from a recovery standpoint, but also provide you with a routine for once you are able to resume your preferred method of training. After you’ve carved out […]

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Our normal routine has been greatly impacted. You are no longer going to your school building, work, and team activities have been temporarily halted. It can be difficult to have a routine without the schedule of class bells, but, now more than ever, you will see the importance of setting up a routine that works for you. When creating your routine do not forget to carve out time in your day for Sports Performance. Although we are not training at the school, you can/should still be training. By creating a […]

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Everyone is looking to have an edge on the competition when sports return! The competitive edge that you are looking for will come from a well-developed Sports Performance program. You do not have to have access to high tech equipment to train for your sport; using your body weight and items around your house will help to keep you primed for the season to start. You have the motivation, the ability, and a couple items around the house that will add a little resistance to your training. What is the […]

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Are You Ready For Your Athletic “Comeback”?

Ok, comeback may be a slight overstatement! But look we’ve been sheltered in place for nearly two month. That’s a long time considering studies have revealed some athletes can demonstrate diminished cardio and strength outputs in as little as 3 weeks. With country starting the process of gradually reopening it won’t be long before competitive athletics are back in season. The question is, “Will you be ready?” Like really ready! Is your training schedule from the past several weeks reflective of someone who has aspirations of competing at their sports […]

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