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Dad Goggles and Coach Goggles

Today we share a guest post from our friend and Denison Baseball Head Coach Mike Deegan. We’re thankful for his leadership and partnership with our team. Dad Goggles and Coach Goggles A longtime baseball scout was attending a banquet when a baseball lifer approached him. This person played professionally, managed, and dabbled in the front…

Resource Type: Baseball Published: August 2nd, 2020

Training The Single Leg

TRAINING THE SINGLE LEG The traditional thought in athletic performance has been to perform bilateral lower body movements, which just means training both legs at the same time. Examples include traditional squats and deadlifts. While we continue to do this for a large percentage of our training time, there are many sport-specific movements that use…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: June 30th, 2020

Peak Performance Pillars

Peak Performance Pillars We all know about how important Performance training is! What you may not know is performance training and rehabilitation are just the ground work for reaching your peak performance. We have developed five pillars that, by implementing them into your life, will help you to reach your peak performance goals. The five…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: June 3rd, 2020

Recovery: Hitting the Jackpot After You’ve “Gone All-In”

Let’s face it. Athlete to athlete, we know you go “all in” every time you hit the court, the gym, or the field. We know because we were just like you. We were in your shoes – laying it all on the line every time we stepped over the line. But after you’ve gone all-in,…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: May 19th, 2020

What Are You Fueling Yourself With?

Nutrition can seem like an overwhelming word at times, but we are here to help you feel at ease and confident, especially with your post-workout nutrition. We understand that your “normal” workout routine may look a little different than you would like right now, but your post-workout and overall nutrition are as important as ever….

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: May 19th, 2020


Our normal routine has been greatly impacted. You are no longer going to your school building, work, and team activities have been temporarily halted. It can be difficult to have a routine without the schedule of class bells, but, now more than ever, you will see the importance of setting up a routine that works…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: May 11th, 2020


Everyone is looking to have an edge on the competition when sports return! The competitive edge that you are looking for will come from a well-developed Sports Performance program. You do not have to have access to high tech equipment to train for your sport; using your body weight and items around your house will…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: May 11th, 2020

Are You Ready For Your Athletic “Comeback”?

Ok, comeback may be a slight overstatement! But look we’ve been sheltered in place for nearly two month. That’s a long time considering studies have revealed some athletes can demonstrate diminished cardio and strength outputs in as little as 3 weeks. With country starting the process of gradually reopening it won’t be long before competitive…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: May 4th, 2020

The Core is Key

The Core is Key Raise your hand if your first “core” workout consisted of laying on your back and doing as many crunches as possible! Don’t feel bad for raising your hand, because crunching our way to 6-pack abs, was how must of us were first introduced to “core” training. Given this, it’s not surprising…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: April 27th, 2020

The Core Reason You’re Under Performing       

The Core Reason You’re Under Performing        Have you maximized your performance potential? If you’re reading this post then you probably answered no. Now, you may be trending that way but deep down you know you’re nowhere near your full potential. Why is it that so many of us fall short of our performance goals? The…

Resource Type: Ohio State Published: April 20th, 2020